2-Day Innovation Bootcamp

The proven start-up method to innovate

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The need for innovation

An innovative mindset is indispensable within this ever-changing entrepreneurial landscape. Particularly large organizations are increasingly overruled by technology and disruptive newcomers. The solution? They need to turn these threats into innovation opportunities. Businesses need the innovative start-up mentality.

Lean Startup innovation

Build the products your market wants, with less risk. The Lean Startup methodology aims to shorten the discovery for viable business models by making things tangible and testable, in no time. To do so, businesses need to adopt hypothesis-driven experimentation, iterative product releases and validated learning.

There’s a reason why the world's fastest growing companies, like Google and Amazon, still behave like start-ups. And why corporates are adopting this way of working. Lean Startup really works.

Learn to innovate, it's not easy

Innovation is hard — like really, really hard. Learn the proven innovation process and our practical tools that will help you innovate continuously. Adopt the right mindset to realize groundbreaking innovations with your own organization.

What's in it for me?

In a 2-day interactive training full of in-class exercises we will teach you the essential mindset and frameworks for innovation success. After the bootcamp you ..

Master the skills of the innovation process

Dream the theory Lean Startup and be able to apply the innovation formats into your next workday. Start and manage innovation projects and teams directly.

Make some serious innovation steps forward

Start cashing your innovation oppor-tunities by effectively managing new ideas, experiments and validating pro-positions. Beat customer expectations and speed up product delivery.

Beat customer expectation to stay ahead of the competition

With your newly acquired mindset, tools and tricks you will be able to realize groundbreaking innovations within your own business. Adapt to change more rapidly and stay future-proof.

Who is this bootcamp for?

We've trained 1500+ professionals from various industries, positions and companies. No previous skills required.

Project Managers
Business Developer Managers
Account Managers & Sales
Product Owners & their teams
Business Unit Managers
Strategy Consultants
Innovation Managers
Marketers & Marketing Managers
Intrapreneurs from all sectors

These professionals participated before you

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Instructive programme, nice combination of active experimenting and theory.
Babette ten Bosch Finance Manager Business Service, ABN AMRO
Better goals, real solutions, more fun in working.
Rob Wolvekamp Manager Accountability & Business Change, MN Services:
Testing customer needs from the first idea saves so much waste in the innovation process! Gain quick insights, know when you are moving in the wrong direction.
Agnes Ras Product Owner Pensioenadministratie, MN Services
Renewed energy and insights because of this bootcamp!
Rene van Gelder Business Consultant, MN Services
Very instructive, continuous focus on validation, testing and iterating!
Brian Taylor Agile Coach | Lean Consultant, ABN AMRO
Great course full of energy and no-nonsene thinking. Applicable.
Sabine Claessen Web analyst, MN Services
Now we know how to continue taking the lead in the energy market!
Remko ten Barge Algemeen Directeur, Nieuwestroom
For startups the complete set of tools to start innovating, in only 2 days!
Maarten Prins Founder, Click Vision
Stay childish, dare to experiment over & over again even when your surroundings think this is crazy.
Arlette Koedam Corporate Secretary, Foreign Bankers Association
Instructive, inspiring and actually fun!
Julius Weise Co-founder & CEO, Stichting Blendin
Otto is one of the few people that knows how to train with real passion!
Jim Lindhout Senior Project and Change Manager, Projective Group
Boost your company with this bootcamp.
Jelmer Antonissen Portal Manager, MN Services
Inspiring innovating on the basis of own ideas and examples.
Michiel Kaelen Business Unit Manager Industrial Services, Actemium
Innovation Bootcamp let's you realize how low the threshold for innovation can be, and gives you a realistic picture of the challenges within your organization.
Bogos Basak, Management Trainee, ABN AMRO
This bootcamp let me realize I have to enter the great wide open quicker. Just find your customers and speak to them!
Tom Schraauwen Finance Innovator, ABN AMRO
Energizing eye-openers and directly applicable in practice.
Robert Dunn Project Portfolio Manager Verzekeren, MN Services
Toffe bootcamp! Veel interactie met de deelnemers zorgt voor energie en je leert veel!
Andres van de Boor Growth Hacker, MT Mediagroep | Sprout
Otto is a real expert in his discipline and We Empower Innovators has facilitated this bootcamp excellently.
Rolf van Haren Lean startup coach | Facilitator, Horizon4
I experienced this bootcamp as a gift and excursion outside my daily business. Gives me energy to translate these insights to the communications insight the retirement business.
Angèle Vermeulen Adviseur Pensioen Communicatie, MN Services

Meet the lead experts

Learn from the top innovation practitioners in The Netherlands

Otto Freijser

Lean Innovation Evangelist, Senior Lean Startup Coach, Lean Innovation Coach, Team Mentor, Co-Founder Dutch Lean Startup Circle, Keynote Speaker

Jurriën Theuvenet

Innovation & Business coach, Innovation competitions, Crowdsourcing campaigns, Sustainability, Founder ClickTight

Tom Kollee

Growth Strategy, Funnel Marketing, Experimentation, Lean Thinking, Marketing Automation, Assumption Testing & Validation, Facebook ads
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@ Europe's largest corporate startup hub

B.Amsterdam Johan Huizingalaan 763a - 3rd floor 1066 VH Amsterdam The Netherlands
Inno­va­tors empow­ered on 6 continents
Start-ups accel­er­ate since 2010 and adding 200 new start-ups each year
Young Tal­ents pro­vid­ed to scale-ups
Cor­po­rate start-ups launched & accel­er­at­ed for For­tune 500 companies

Part of the 'We Empower Innovators' ecosystem by


Accel­er­a­tor for cor­po­rates, Innoleaps, helps large com­pa­nies like Unilever, Voda­fone, Fries­land­Camp­ina, Ahold Del­haize, Rabobank, Vivat and many oth­er For­tune 500 com­pa­nies with cor­po­rate inno­va­tion. Found­ed in 2013, they bring the fast inno­va­tion method­olo­gies, typ­i­cal of star­tups to estab­lished cor­po­ra­tions. By con­nect­ing the worlds of star­tups and cor­po­rates, cor­po­rates lever­age the skills, tools and mind­sets that allow inno­va­tion to thrive.


Star­tup­boot­camp, found­ed in 2010, is a glob­al net­work of mul­ti-cor­po­rate backed accel­er­a­tors run­ning indus­try-focused start­up accel­er­a­tor pro­grams. With 21 pro­grams in 17 cities across the globe — from Berlin and Lon­don to Mum­bai and Cape Town — Start­up Boot­camp runs pro­grams in Fin­Tech, Insurtech, Cyber­Se­cu­ri­ty, Com­merce, Smart Trans­porta­tion & Ener­gy, IoT, A.I, Foodtech and Dig­i­tal Health. 200+ star­tups are accel­er­at­ed each year.

The Talent Institute

Inno­va­tion is dri­ven by peo­ple. The Tal­ent Insti­tute empow­ers the next gen­er­a­tion of young pro­fes­sion­als and com­pa­nies to grow and inno­vate through tal­ent and train­ing. With 2500+ employ­ees of large cor­po­rates trained in mind­set and (dig­i­tal) skills and var­i­ous dif­fer­ent tal­ent pro­grams devel­oped, TTI helped jet-fuel­ing Inno­va­tion and Growth teams in some of the finest start-ups, scale-ups and corporates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this Innovation Bootcamp unique?

The Talent Institute is part of the innovation ecosystem We Empower Innovators, together with Startupbootcamp, Europe’s most well-known startup accelerator, and Innoleaps, a worldwide corporate innovation accelerator. Over the past years, the three companies together have built a network of innovation, industry and entrepreneurial experts that is unmatched. This network gives The Talent Institute a unique position as a talent development institution. The Talent Institute is an innovation and digital talent accelerator. With the Growth Hacking Traineeship, we train graduates to become Growth Hackers and to kickstart their career in the field of Digital and Experimental Marketing. Over 350 young professionals and companies have participated in our program with many more to come! During the Young Digital Innovator Program, we assist corporate companies by placing a Growth Hacker or Innovator in their innovation team to guide them through the innovation process. Over the past few years, TTI has worked with many and diverse (international) companies. The need to keep developing yourself as an employee (with often very limited time) within the innovative field of Growth Hacking has become more and more apparent for the companies that we work with. Therefore we also facilitate a 2-day interactive bootcamp to get you up to speed. The Growth Hacking Bootcamp by The Talent Institute is the right choice because we have years of experience, we can draw from a never-ending supply of expert knowledge and experience and we have proven this year after year. The Talent Institute can help you learn and develop by teaching you the right skills, mind- and toolset to keep up with the changes in your company and industry.

In what language will the training be facilitated?

The full course is initially in Dutch. But will be facilitated in English if international participants will also be present.

Can I sign up with multiple people?

Of course! A lot of times our participants sign up together or with a group of colleagues. You can contact our growth manager Lucas for questions here.

When is my registration complete?

Complete your registration process with our application form. Your registration is complete once you have received the confirmation email. If you have special requests please contact us directly.

How can I change or cancel my participation?

Unfortunately! Of course, it can always occur that it is no longer convenient because of an (unexpected) reason. This must always be submitted in writing 5 days in advance. View the terms and conditions.

Wat heb ik nodig voor de 2-daagse bootcamp?

Tijdens de bootcamp hoef je alleen maar je eigen laptop mee te nemen. Van al het andere nodige word je ter plekke voorzien; (digitaal) trainingsmateriaal, ontbijt en een lunch in rooftop restaurant Bureau. Voor de bootcamp ontvang je een mail van ons met eventuele (korte) benodigde voorbereiding en inspiratie om je in te lezen.

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